This was a "just for fun" shoot with my friend Zena and I.  I have been hanging out to go take photos in a forest like setting with no pressure of time, money or any expectations from myself or others.  I don't mean this in a bad way at all as I do enjoy the pressure but I never want photography to be a job, I want to have fun with it, learn and create.  We drove around for a good hour chatting and scoping out a good spot and just about got my car written off by some young hipsters that were in a far bigger hurry than we were.   Once we finally found this hidden little part of forest we sprawled out gear out and had so much fun with the light, sounds and a few props.  We were so excited to have found somewhere we could relax and hide.  On the way home we both felt that buzz of knowing you just achieved what you set out to do that day. create, laugh and relax... Thanks Z xo

Cradle Clothing Shoot

This was a shoot for a beautiful shop in Invercargill.  I was on the hunt for a new indoor location to shoot for when the rain pours ( is does a lot here).  I just wanted anything that had power and space.  A friend put me onto this shop to see if I could use the upstairs space.  Expecting a rundown old room in a building, I just about fell over when I saw the space she had and even better gave me access to it!  It's so beautiful.

In return for the use of her amazing space I am photographing some cute little souls in her adorable gear.  I love working with other people when you can help each other out like this!

If you would like to purchase any of this range you will find them on Dee street or go to www.facebook.com/CradleInvercargill to see more...

In The Beginning

Welcome to my website and my very first blog!  I'm chuffed. I am so happy that finally after a lot of hard work and procrastination mixed together, I have completed this site which will be my main portfolio, communication to you and a place I can run to and write about photography and other completely off topic subjects.  Before you have a look at my ribbon cutting photoshoot from the weekend I would like to say thank you to all who have helped me, this isn't an award ceremony that I have won so I wont list off names but I want to express gratitude to everyone in my life as you just can't get far without people who give a damn and show you honesty about what you are doing.


I love the influence music has on our mood and interpretation...Have a listen to this while you look at  the slide...